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Dororo is a Japanese manga series from the critically acclaimed manga creator Osamu Tezuka in the late 1960s. The anime television series based on the manga consists of 26 half-hour episodes. It was made into a live-action film in 2007. During the late 1960s, manga featuring goblins was popular among kids. Dororo was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday for three years. Tezuka's childhood memory of his friends pronouncing dorobou as dororo inspired the title of this work. In the live action movie series, the name is explained to be a southern term for Hyakkimaru, meaning "Little Monster." The anime series bears the distinction of being the first entry in what is now known as the "World Masterpiece Theater" series.


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GenresAction & Adventure
Runtime25 min
CastsMinori Matsushima (Dororo), Nachi Nozawa (Hyakkimaru), Gorō Naya (Kagemitsu Daigo), Shūsei Nakamura (Tahomaru), Junpei Takiguchi (Biwa-hōshi), Reiko Mutoh (Mio), Haruko Kitahama (Bandai), Haruko Kitahama (Nui-nokata), Junpei Takiguchi (Zatou), Kinto Tamura (Kane-kozo), Gorō Naya (Tanosuke)
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First Air Date1969-04-06
Last Air Date1969-09-28
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes26